How To Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing On Desktop & Mobile


Spotify is one of the best music streaming services on the internet. You can listen to the plethora of songs on Spotify. Being a freemium service, there are millions of people who regularly access the service. It is very important to understand the popularity of Spotify since you can change Spotify username. There is a very high chance that you might be using the Spotify service on your desktop, iPhone, or Android device. You can easily access the service on your smartphones, tablets, or even the computer. With the dedicated apps and the website supported on all platforms, you can access the service without any issues. If you are looking for a stable and easy to use music streaming service for your devices, then you can’t find anything better than Spotify right now. The availability of the songs makes it even more popular than other similar streaming services available out there over the internet.

Even though the service is great, some small issues will cause disturbances in your music listening experience. We’ve spotted many people complaining about the Spotify Keeps Stopping on their devices. The people have complained that Spotify keeps pausing suddenly. Well, if you are facing the same problem, then you must be frustrated. There is nothing more frustrating than ruined music listening experience. You are searching for solutions to fix Spotify keeps crashing issue on your smartphone or the desktop. If you are willing to learn how to fix Spotify keeps pausing, then you are in the right place. There are various causes of this problem and you must know about them before applying any fix to it. Once you know the reason for it, you can easily fix this issue. Don’t worry as there are various methods available out there to get rid of this Spotify problem.

How To Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing

Fixing the Spotify keeps pausing on Android is very annoying. You try to clean the Cache, logout from the account and log in again, but the problem still persists. Well, there are a few methods that we tried and got the success in fixing the Spotify keeps pausing iOS problem. We are going to share the same in this post. All you have to do is to follow the respective method exactly. After that, you’ll have fixed that Spotify keeps stopping problem. But make sure to follow the methods correctly, otherwise, you will still have the same issue while listening to music. Before following these methods, make sure to clear the cache of the app and also check if you have a valid subscription or not. If you don’t have the valid subscription plan of Spotify, then you’ll face this issue while listening to the premium songs on the platform.

Causes of Spotify Pausing Problem?

There are multiple reasons that cause Spotify pausing on Android problems. The first major reason behind this issue is the Cache. If you don’t regularly clear the Cache of your device, then you’ll face this issue. It is advised to regularly clear the Cache, as it will fix Spotify keeps pausing problems. Not just this, but the issues with the internet connection also results in the paused frequent music pause on Spotify. When the internet connection is weak or not available, Spotify will immediately pause the music streaming. Having a high-speed internet connection that is working properly with no downtime is very important to get rid of this problem. Also, there are the subscription-related issues, which cause the sudden pause of the song in Spotify. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that you can follow to get rid of the Spotify not working issue on iOS or even Android smartphones.

Methods to Fix Spotify Randomly Stopping Problem on PC, Android, and iOS

Spotify app is available for almost all of the platforms. You can download and use this app on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android smartphones. If you are using any one of the devices running on the platform with the Spotify app, you may encounter the problem. That’s why we are sharing the exact methods to fix Spotify keeps stopping the problem. Follow these methods correctly, and you’ll be able to fix the problem permanently.

Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Windows 10 Error

Turn Off the High-Quality Streaming

Spotify comes with multiple streaming quality options. You can choose the audio quality according to your preference. As it is the legit music streaming service, you can listen to the highest quality songs. But sometimes, choosing the highest quality settings in the Spotify Windows app will cause the music to suddenly stop. It is a very common problem with Windows users. If you are using the High-Quality streaming option, then you’ll face the Spotify keeps pausing Windows 10 Error. To fix this issue, you should turn OFF the high-quality streaming option and choose to listen to the songs on lower quality. Here are the exact steps to change the quality settings.

  • First of all, open the Spotify app in Windows 10. After that, click on the Settings to open the Streaming settings.
  • In the “Settings,” look for the Streaming Quality option.
  • Click on the Dropdown menu to select the appropriate quality settings.
  • Now, you have to choose from the Auto, Low, Medium, or High.

Turn Off High Quality Streaming

  • Do not select the “Very High” option.
  • After that, save the settings, and you are ready to listen to music.
  • After following all these steps, you won’t face the Spotify pausing every 30 seconds issue.

Note:- The Highest streaming quality is only available to the Spotify premium users. If you are using the free version, then you don’t have to change the settings. Although, you can try this method and switch to the “Low” quality with a free version for fixing this issue.

Sign Out of Everywhere

Spotify allows users to log in to multiple devices. Spotify offers the website login, Android app login, and iOS app login. Also, there are dedicated desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and the macOS. There is a high chance that you’ll Spotify keeps pausing every 30 seconds problem if you are logged in from multiple devices.

To fix this issue, you should log out from all of the devices. If you have made Spotify Mini Player, then make sure to sign out of it too. There is the option in Spotify, which allows you to sign out of everywhere. The feature will immediately log you out from all of the devices that you are using. Here are the exact steps to log out of everywhere.

  • Click on “Account Overview” and scroll down to the bottom.
  • In the end, you’ll find the button “Sign Out Everywhere.”
  • Click on the button, and Spotify will log you out from all of the devices and platforms you are using.

Sign Out Everywhere

  • After that, login again on your desktop app to see if the problem persists.
  • Most of the time, the issue won’t arise again on your desktop.

Fix Spotify Keeps Stopping On Android Smartphone

Spotify is very popular on Android smartphones. According to the data shared by Play Store, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming app for Android. If you are facing Spotify keeps stopping on S10 Android device, then you are at the right place. Follow this method to permanently get rid of the issue and enjoy uninterrupted music streaming.

Clean Cache and Data

Every Android app stores the cache and the data in device memory. The same is used by the app to remember the login data, settings, personalization options, and also the downloaded songs. Well, the same feature causes issues with music streaming. If you are facing the Spotify keeps stopping 2020 error, then you should try to clear the cache and data. Here are the exact steps to clean data and the Cache of the Spotify app on Android smartphones.

  • First of all, open the Settings app on your smartphone and navigate to the Applications settings.
  • In the Applications, you’ll find the installed apps list. Find the Spotify app and then tap on the same.
  • Now, you’ll see the different options and the information related to the Spotify app.
  • Go to the App Storage settings and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

Clear Data and Cache

  • This will clean the stored Cache and data on your device.
  • You’ll lose all of the downloaded songs and the login details.
  • After that, restart the app and log in with valid credentials again. Now, you’ll not face Spotify pausing immediately on the Android problem.

Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing On iOS Devices

iPhone and iPad devices are very common nowadays. There are millions of people using the same on a daily basis. If you are using the iOS-based device like the iPhone or iPad, then you may have faced this issue once in a while. Don’t forget to check your Spotify song history and note down the songs before you clear your data. Spotify is the most popular music streaming app for iOS devices. That’s why there are a high percentage of the people who would face the Spotify keeps crashing on iPhone or iPad problem.

Disable the Energy-Savings Mode

iOS comes with a unique battery saver feature. The energy-saver feature will interfere with the apps that are consuming a lot of battery power. If you are running low on battery power, then the same feature will interrupt the music streaming, and you’ll face the Spotify keeps freezing issue on iPhone and iOS. Here are the exact steps to disable the energy-saving mode for the Spotify app, and fix Spotify keeps pausing music on iOS smartphones.

  • First of all, open the Settings app on your iOS-based device.
  • Navigate to the Battery and then Battery Optimization.
  • In the Battery Optimization settings, you’ll find all of the installed apps.
  • Select the Spotify app and disable the Battery Optimization.

Disable Energy-Savings Mode

After that, restart the Spotify app on the iPhone. Try to stream the music in the app, and you’ll not face the Spotify keeps pausing every 30 seconds on iPhone and iPad error.

Final Words

Interrupted music streaming causes immense pain to our minds. As we are experiencing the favorite songs and something interrupts the same ruins the music listening experience. If you face the Spotify keeps pausing problem on your Windows, Android, or iOS devices, then you’ll definitely get frustrated. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to fix this problem permanently. We’ve tried to share all of the working methods to get rid of the Spotify keeps pausing music every 30 seconds error.

All you have to do is to follow the methods and the steps mentioned in this post. If you are getting Spotify can’t play current song error, then we have also posted a guide for it. After that, you’ll not face any problem while listening to your music on the desktop, or the smartphone. If you are still facing the issue after following these methods, feel free to comment below. We will help you to fix the Spotify app keeps crashing issues permanently.

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