6 Smart Ways To Clone A Phone in 2023


How To Clone A Phone: If you have bought a new smartphone and searching how to clone a phone easily without much technical knowledge, then here are the best solutions for you. Basically, cell phone cloning means backup data from one phone to another phone.

There are multiple ways to perform this operation, and you don’t need to do many tweaks or anything for this. Well, there are multiple apps and software available on the internet that promise to clone your smartphone but be careful.

Not all the apps or software are safe, or they have some hidden costs involved. Ensure you check all the details before trying anyone because you might get stuck in between and lost your valuable data.

Follow the instructions given below and learn how to do it safely and quickly.

Best Ways to Clone a Phone (Android & iOS):

  1. Using Google Drive:

Google is undoubtedly the best and one of the most trusted names with various products like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and many more. Similarly, if you don’t know, let me tell you Google drive is such a helpful product that can help you save or store data and help in the cloning process.

This is one of the safest and easy options for cloning mobile data. First of all, you need to go to the primary Google account and allow synching everything. There is one backup option where you need to turn on the “Back up to Google Drive” option and take backups from time to time. Your photos, videos, contacts, apps, files, Calendar, call logs, etc., can be saved on Google Drive.

This method is relatively safe because all your data will be saved on secured cloud storage which you can access anytime you want without losing anything. Some drawbacks of this method are that you need to have a good WiFi connection or lots of mobile data because the backup size will be quite big.

Secondly, you need to back up everything on the old device to backup and restore the new device, which requires some time depending on the file size. Make sure you login with the same Gmail account on the new phone; otherwise, you won’t get the restore option.

  1. Use official apps:

As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of available apps to clone phone data, but you need to be careful while choosing one.

In such a case, you can rely on the official smartphone cloning apps of different smartphone companies, which you can download and use. Below I have mentioned some of the official cloning apps of popular smartphone manufacturers.

So, these are the official apps that can easily clone phone data to a new phone. Make sure you download the same app on both devices to perform the cloning operation. If you are the owner of any of the brand’s smartphones, download them now for free.

  1. Using Jio Switch app:

Suppose you own any other brand’s smartphone apart from the names mentioned earlier and need to clone your device, then what to do?

There is another excellent free and reliable app named JioSwitch, using which you can transfer data from any phone to another. The best thing is, this app supports cross platform data transfer. By cross-platform, you can easily transfer data from a Nokia phone to an LG phone or from Samsung to OnePlus.

But it is highly recommended to use the official apps mentioned above and use JioSwitch only if you use a different brand’s smartphone.

First of all, you need to download the JioSwitch app, which is available for free from respective app stores on the phone. Next, open the app on both devices and choose what to transfer, like images, videos, files, messages, or other data and send to the other smartphone. Connecting both the apps is easy, and due to WiFi based transfer, it requires less time.

  1. Using Type-C Cable:

Some smartphone brands allowed direct wire transfer using a type-c cable which can be used too. You connect both the devices using the Type-C ports and automatically choose to clone data easily.

Nowadays, the new smartphone comes with Type-C cables, so you don’t have to buy anything.

  1. Using 3rd Party Apps (Less recommended):

In case you have tried almost everything and nothing is working for you, then here is another alternative solution for you.

There are some 3rd party phone cloning apps that do the work for you. CLONEit is such an app that help you to clone a phone to another phone. But there are many negative reviews from the users, like missing some files or data, you should care about.

Download CLONEit Here

As I said earlier, if nothing works from the tricks given above, then only you need to look for this step. As a precaution, you should transfer files and check manually if all the data are shared or not.

  1. Android to iOS cloning:

If you own an iOS device or iPhone and want to transfer or clone Android to iOS, here is the solution.

There is one free app named “Move to iOS,” which is available on the Play Store to download. The size of this app is just 2MB, but it does the work for you.

Download Move to iOS

You might find it difficult or a little tricky to shift to iOS from Android, but a little patience will do the trick for you. You can download this app and follow the instructions to copy files from Android to iPhone easily.


So, I hope you have got all the ways to clone a phone for free. You don’t have to buy any premium app for the same task. There are many apps and software available dedicated to this purpose, but why waste money when it can be done for free?

Most of the apps are suitable and easy for Android users, but if you want to move files from Android to iPhone, you can easily use the Google Drive method.

I am pretty sure that out of these six ways, you will get the one that will work for you to clone a smartphone easily. Do share this article if you found it helpful and help other users who might be struggling to find the solution.

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